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Assuming that good communication will be a natural by-product of a small team is a one of the biggest mistakes made by small business owners.

When the business was made up of just yourself and maybe one or two others, yes, effective communication was a breeze! But as the team grows by even 4 or 5 more communication can slow down; internals walls may be constructed and problems may become bottled up.

Barriers to communication are not just a problem exclusively encountered in large corporations, they occur in small business too; and here’s why it’s so important for you to break them down…

Manager-Employee Relationships

An employee will not be able to complete a job if they don’t know what it is they are meant to be doing, how, and why they are doing it. Establishing clear expectations will minimize the chances of misunderstanding and misinterpretation. As such, clear communication is a basic requirement of any manager for the simple reason of getting things done!


With clear expectations in place employees will be able to complete the required tasks quickly and efficiently. And once the basic requirements of their roles are fulfilled your team will have the freedom to become proactive with tasks, think creatively and suggest new ideas rather than constantly working under pressure.

Cost Savings

With increased productivity and time efficiency comes improved cost efficiency too. Not only in terms of working hours, but in minimising mistakes and human errors.

Team Motivation

Communication is also a basic tool for employee motivation. Firstly because misunderstanding and misinterpretation can result in conflict, which of course clear communication channels will help to minimise. But also because two-way communication will boost employee morale. Having the manager directly keep employees in the loop makes them feel like a valued member of the team, and being able to provide feedback allows any problems to be ironed out.


With the expectations you hold for your employees clearly established, delegation will become much easier for you. You can allow your team to get on with the day-to-day operations while you focus on the bigger picture of the business. This will not only allow you peace of mind that all tasks are being completed (to the standard you expect), but is what’s best for the growth of your business.

Customer Satisfaction

As a customer, there is nothing worse than having to explain what you are looking for over and over again as you are passed around every member of the team. It’s infuriating. And can easily be avoided by a little internal communication. With effective communication between the team, you will be able to suggest ideas, create the best solution for customer problems and provide a slick customer experience while doing so.

Brand Perception

A streamlined customer experience and 5* customer satisfaction (facilitated by excellent internal communication) will do wonders for your external brand perception too. Even if it’s actually chaos on the inside, clear communication will keep everything looking slick on the outside!

So, we are sure you will agree – small businesses need good internal communication just as much as the big corporations. That doesn’t mean the communication systems will be the same! Simple communication tools are all that’s necessary while you’re still growing.

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