When the festive season is upon us we’re filled with notions of immaculately decorated homes, carefully selected presents and the promise of stuffing yourself full with perfectly cooked turkey before putting your feet up for the rest of the evening.

The reality… A lopsided tree (because that’s all they had left by the time you got around to buying it), last minute (and rather questionable) presents and three pathetically small roast chickens (because again, everything was last minute and that was the only turkey-ish thing still in stock).

Christmas, for a business owner, is far from a time of relaxation…

You’ve spent the whole of year expecting a December lull in business. However, with a barrage of holiday requests and half of your team off with the flu you’re busier than ever. Not only are you drowned in day-to-day tasks, you’re also planning the Christmas party and trying to put plans in place for next year.

The lead up to Christmas is hectic, you’ve got a million things to do and no time to do it. By the time the 25th comes round you’re exhausted.

Finally, the one day of the year you won’t be interrupted by work (although there really should be far more than one as discussed in this blog). No phone calls, no emails… Yet somehow thoughts about your business still creep in.

Christmas can bring all your struggles to the surface

What should be an enjoyable viewing of the 5th Christmas film of the day soon becomes a series of all consuming thoughts about your business, your employees and your future.

All those concerns and hesitations that you’ve been ignoring throughout the year bubble to the surface.

“Am I really cut out to be a business owner?”

“Is this business really giving me what I want in life?”

“Should I be making changes to the way my business is run?”

“Do I need some new people in my team?”

These are the kind of questions that you really can’t bring up over Christmas dinner… And that’s why we’re here to help. Each question links to one of our blog posts, which should help put your mind at ease (at least for the meantime). Can’t find anything relevant to the way you’re feeling? We’ve got plenty of other blogs too.

Even if you can’t get hold of us on Christmas (and if you did we’d probably have had a few too many ‘festive’ drinks to be of any real help) we’re back in the office on the 5th January. If you want to get your thoughts down now drop us an email on [email protected] and we’ll get back to you soon, or wait and give us a call on 01243 717693.