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In this blog, HR Consultant Caroline Daniel reflects on her daughter’s first day at school and what employers could learn about creating the perfect induction for a smooth start for any new starter.

I was inspired to write this blog post as I waved my little girl off on her first day of school and I began to think about how the school had perfected inducting her into school life and what employers could learn from this process to ensure that their new employees started their new jobs without a hitch.

Clearly schools don’t have a choice in which children start with them and as an employer you have the benefit of ensuring you can employ quality talent for any of your vacant job roles, that said the importance of providing key, relevant information to those individuals before they start will be paramount to a smooth transition in the first few weeks.

Employers should be thinking about how to induct employees to their new job, because ultimately its not just about a new job there’s a whole list of newness to consider; a new morning routine, new offices, new team, new manager and a new job with different responsibilities, processes and stakeholders and the easier you can make it for your new employee, the more they are inclined to like their new job and the more likely they are to stay!

All (new) parents received policies in the post explaining to us important information: and from an employer’s perspective whilst induction doesn’t have to be a formal process it does need to properly planned and consistently delivered to ensure that all new employees are treated fairly and receive the same information.

It might help to create an induction checklist to ensure fundamental policies and procedures are communicated to your new starters either on or before their first day including:

  • Health and Safety Policy
    • Fire Alarm
    • Emergency Exits
    • Evacuation Procedures
    • First Aid Facilities
    • Accident Reporting
    • Specific Hazards
    • Policy on Smoking
  • HR Policies
    • Disciplinary & Grievance Procedure
    • Holiday booking procedure
    • Absence notification procedure
    • Probationary Period
    • Appraisal/Performance Review
    • Learning & Development opportunities
    • Benefits provision
  • Additional Information
    • IT Policy
    • How to use the telephone system
    • Standard working hours
    • Parking rules
    • Dress code
    • Facilities eg Kitchen/Toilets
    • How to book a meeting room
    • Claiming Expenses

My daughter was invited to the school 3 times before term started and on one of those days she was partnered up with a child already at school who could help her through the early days.

Implementing a buddy system for a new employee’s first week can help answer practical questions and deal with any problems in an informal way.

Furthermore it may also be worth considering that there are may be some new employees who may have special needs or different requirements or indeed a slightly adapted induction approach, for example; school leavers starting their first job, people with a disability, people returning from work after a break, older employees or employees from overseas.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how her first day went, she practically skipped in and didn’t look back, Mum and Dad on the other hand…….

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