You may have seen in the press that the Supreme Court has deemed employment tribunal fees unlawful, and has taken the decision to scrap them.

So what does this mean for employers?

Well gone are the days when you could try and get away with a potentially weak case, safe in the knowledge that your potential claimant would have to cough up £1500 to make their claim.  

It means that employees and ex employees have an easier (i.e. free!) route again to making a claim against their employer.

So what can you do about it?

We don’t mean to harp on about it, but number one thing to do is to make sure you have in place up to date policies and procedures.  Boring perhaps, but without these you are on a sticky wicket before you even try and do anything.

Once you have done this, make sure you and your managers fully understand those policies. The amount of times a poor business owner has looked extremely confused when asked if they have an up to date capability policy is, well, very common. Make sure you have a basic understanding of the policies, and know at what point to ask for help. So many cases fall down on process, so it is important to get this right from the very beginning.

Have your managers been trained on the risks of not following procedures? Are you 100% sure they aren’t leaving your business exposed or at risk when dealing with an employee who is off sick?

Knowledge and training are absolutely key here.  

How we can help:

Well first of all we can help you get your house in order by providing you with a fully compliant employee contract and handbook.

Once you have this, we can then train you and your managers with our nifty little bite sized training sessions on:

  • Handling disciplinary + grievance
  • Absence management
  • Equality
  • Dealing with poor performance

Or if you don’t want to take the strain in house, you can keep it simple by outsourcing your HR to us, knowing that you have a friend in your corner when you need it.

Get in touch today to find out more!