Training and development is a crucial part of employee motivation and business progression. Once you have the right people in place it is essential to ensure that your team have the relevant tools to excel in their role. Helping them progress both as an employee and as an individual.

Our training courses are designed to cover all bases. Whether you’re a business owner looking to transition or promote an employee, an individual aspiring to a higher position, or just wanting to refresh your skills we have something for you. As specialists in Human Resources, South Coast HR have the expertise to advance your business and your skills to the next level.

Our HR training courses are led by industry expert Emily Perry. With many years experience in business, both as an HR consultant supporting business owners and managers, as well as conducting training courses, she understands the typical challenges faced by managers and business owners. As such, our one-day training events focus on issues that are relevant to real-world businesses. The skills, knowledge and best practices you will acquire will give you the tools and confidence you need to manage your people in the best way possible.

Our aim is to provide training courses that are engaging, interactive and have the flexibility to focus on specific areas of interest. Effectively delivering everything you need to know to develop your abilities in a cost and time effective way.


Do you have new or inexperienced managers in your business? Are you struggling to find training that suits your needs?  We can help! We can deliver our training on site, at your business, and fully tailored to your needs.

Or, if time is limited, we can offer this as an online webinar.

Drop us a line to find out more so we can help your business and team develop and grow.