Recruitment Services

Recruiting people into your business is such an important job, but for many business owners it can be a daunting prospect and a huge risk if you get it wrong.

Our recruitment division, takes a holistic approach to recruitment, and believes that the best place to start is to understand what you need, and who the right person might be to join your business. This requires so much more than your average job description and person specification – although this is always a good place to start.

Statistics show that 34% of new hires leave within the first 3 months of starting a new job, often because of poor selection and recruitment methods, so getting the recruitment process right is key.

We hear so often that small businesses are fed up of some of the traditional recruitment agencies out there.  Tales of being bombarded with CV’s that don’t suit, or being hounded with sales calls are far too common place for our liking.  That’s why we have come up with another way.

SCHR Recruitment Outsourcing

With our approach we become an extension of your business. First and foremost we are HR people. not sales people so we support you from the very start of your recruitment project, right through until after your new hire has started work for you. The key stages of this approach are as follows:

  • Work with you to draft and develop a job description and person specification
  • Get under the skin of your business so we can really understand your culture, ethics and how you like to do things
  • Research and recommend advertising options for your vacancy
  • Advertise the vacancy clearly stating your company brand and handle all candidate response
  • Develop a bespoke screening process to ensure the right candidates make it through
  • Develop a bespoke interview process – which can include testing/candidate profiling
  • Attend interviews and support with questioning, and after interview discussions
  • Provide detailed candidate feedback
  • Provide offer paperwork and plan induction process with you

This is a truly tailored experience specific to your business, not only looking after the recruitment, but also making sure that the HR boxes are ticked too. This helps ensure that you not only recruit the right person, but that they truly engage with your business and the role, and the legal bits are covered too.

Both of our approaches promise quality of service, and honest, fair pricing. Get in touch to find out more.