HR Strategy

Proactive planning to drive performance and deliver business results

HR Strategy is about having a proactive plan in place for the people side of your business that aligns with your overall business goals and helps you achieve them. Often business owners struggle either financially or emotionally by taking a reactive approach to planning the human element of their business.

South Coast HR works proactively with you to develop a HR strategy, a ‘people plan’ that ensures you have the right people in your business, at the right time with all the right skills to help you achieve your business goals.

In developing an HR strategy with you, we will help you plan the following:

Organisational structure

Organisational structure is all about ensuring that you are utilising your human resources in the best way. Having the right people doing the right jobs, in the most efficient way possible. This area can be constantly changing in some businesses as they adapt to various internal and external influences. Here at South Coast HR, we can help you look after your staff structures, work-flow and management reporting lines. As well as working with you to get the job descriptions right and all the best people for your team.


Recruiting the right people for your business is an important job, but one that many business owners struggle with. At South Coast HR, we work with clients to manage their complete end-to-end recruitment process. Helping define the role, the skills and experience needed, and more importantly define the ideal candidate you are looking for. We will help advise on recruitment advertising options, undertake all recruitment administration including, short listing and managing candidate responses. We support you through the interview process, providing candidate feedback, making job offers and completing all offer paperwork.

South Coast HR offer two different approaches to recruitment – for more information visit our recruitment services page or get in touch to talk to one of our team members.

Staff retention

Once you have recruited your A-Team – you want to keep them in your business for as long as possible. We can work with you to help keep your best people, and improve any retention issues you may be facing.

Talent management

Managing the stars in your business can be a tricky task – we can support you in keeping them motivated, and keeping career plans on track and in line with your business goals.

Management development

Managing staff is a whole skill set of its own. We work with you to design and implement management development programmes that are bespoke to your business and your managers.


South Coast HR can build bespoke training that suites your business. Whether your managers need recruitment training, or a hand in conducting appraisals we can help you develop the right training programme for your needs.

Salary and benefits

Do you know if you are paying your staff in line with market rates? Not sure what to do when a pay review comes round? South Coast HR can support you by conducting benchmarking exercises and advising on employee benefits.

Performance management

Are your employees contributing towards your business goals? We can work with you to design and implement performance management or appraisal systems bespoke to your business, your people and your goals.

Succession planning

Have you got a plan if your key members of staff were to leave? The team at South Coast HR work with you to develop clear succession plans that help you put in place measures to support career growth and retirement whilst not causing risk to your business.

Processes & efficiency

When businesses grow it is common for processes and efficiencies to become an after thought. South Coast HR work with you to evaluate job roles in your company, work processes, operating structures and workflows. Helping you to improve your efficiencies and productivity.

Company culture

Company culture or ‘how we do things round here’ is so important to get right. You want to attract the right people into your business, and create a good work environment that encourages high performance and achievement of your business goals. Our team at South Coast HR are here to provide guidance on how to make your business a great place to work, in turn attracting the best people.


Businesses risk is a constant threat, but we can help you manage risk when it comes to your human resources. With a thorough understanding of Employment Law, and a top legal firm on hand to support with more complex cases, rest assured that you will have the awareness of the risks to your business and confidence in how to mitigate them. We are not here to tell you what to do, or how to run your business – we will advise you of any potential legal risks, present different options to you, and then guide you through a situation in the way you choose.