GDPR HR Data Compliance Packages

The new General Data Protection Regulation requires that all personal data be handled with the utmost care, more so than under the Data Protection Act that the GDPR replaces.

Businesses need to be able to account for all the personal data they hold, where and how it is held and used, justify why they hold it and have procedures in place to comply with the rights that the new law gives data subjects (the individuals whose data you hold).

For employers to ensure their HR data is compliant, they will need to carry out the following:

  • HR data audit
  • Create an HR data register, including documenting your legal basis for processing data
  • Draft and issue privacy notices to employees
  • Review and update your employment policies and contracts
  • Think about getting a cloud based HR system if you don’t already have one

A large proportion of your company personal data is likely to be considered ‘HR’ data.  So it is an area you cannot ignore.

We have developed a two specific GDPR compliance package to get your HR data compliant.  See details below and get started on your GDPR compliance journey.  You can call our friendly and expert team directly on 01243 717693 or get in touch for your personalised quote.