In this blog we’re going to take another look at how structure can assist you in the people-side of your business.


Well, embracing the idea of structure is one of the simplest ways to streamline your business, reducing stress and minimising waste.

As businesses grow, various structures need to be implemented. Businesses lacking structure seldom turn a profit. Instead, staffing issues abound, plans go awry, and business owners and managers find themselves being pulled in dozens of different directions.

Naturally, when businesses grow extremely quickly, it can be really tricky to find time to think and talk about putting structures in place. Too often, business owners and managers delay having these all important conversations – with dire consequences.

Act today

Remember, it’s never too soon to be thinking about structure.

When the right structures are in place, businesses appear to run themselves. This is because everybody knows what it is that they’re supposed to be doing and who to turn to if they have any problems or questions.

Below are a few key structuring suggestions. Enjoy!

Staff handbook

Think of your staff handbook as your business’ bible. Not only will your staff handbook detail key policies, explain your business’ ethos, and provide your staff members with essential information regarding who to turn to should they encounter a specific problem, it can also outline the rules regarding absences, maternity and paternity leave, and disciplinary procedures.

Job Descriptions

Providing your staff members with clear job descriptions means everyone knows what’s expected of them at all times. (Job descriptions also make life a lot easier when it comes to recruiting new and replacement members of staff.)


Now we’re not talking about big, corporate-style, tick box appraisals – but an annual or bi-annual review, which sets objectives and goals that can be monitored through 121s and mentoring.

Training plans

Training plans may form part of an appraisal or represent a standalone exercise.

Putting together an effective training plan involves looking at the ways in which a person can build on his or her existing skills and knowledge, benefiting your business as well as boosting individual self-esteem.

Pay and Benefits

You don’t need to have a fancy pay structure in place, or a local government style pay grade system, but having banding in place for the different roles in your business is key.

Not only does it mean staff are being treated fairly, it helps them understand what the future holds for them in terms of career progression.

Benefits can help retain and attract the best staff, and they don’t have to be expensive corporate style bonuses.  Extra holiday, time off for birthdays and simple ways to say thank you can all be really appreciated.

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