‘Is it me or is it them?’

When your business is going through changes, and your staff just aren’t on board it’s easy to become uncertain both in yourself and your team. In times like these, it’s important to make time to find out what’s going on.

Do your employees understand where the business is going?

Regardless of the employee’s job, true engagement comes from seeing the big picture. It’s a common misconception that staff simply don’t care, that all they want is to get the job done, get paid, and go home. As a business owner sharing what your business does, and where it is going is essential to building a workforce that will help achieve the business aims.

Do employees understand what part they play?

Sometimes staff find it hard to see where they fit into the bigger picture. They understand where the business is going but aren’t quite sure how their role makes a difference. It’s important that the team has clear roles, and each member knows how their work contributes. If employees begin questioning why they’re working so hard for ‘your benefit’ you need to make it clear that their hard work will be rewarded once the company reaches its goals.

Do you stick to your promises?

Employee trust is hard to gain but easy to lose. As a business owner honesty is the best policy, so don’t make promises you can’t keep. It is true that sometimes in business you need to re-adjust, and things don’t quite go to plan. Keeping employees informed of situations, and the reasons for change will help build trust. Otherwise they’ll be left feeling like you’re not being completely honest with them.

Do you understand how your team feel?

If you’re struggling to understand how engaged your workforce is, employee surveys can shed some light on the situation. You’ll be able to identify gaps in understanding and communication. This will help you build a plan of what is needed to get your employees engaged, and working towards the business goals. But remember, if you won’t have time to act on survey results it could do more harm than good. The last thing you want is more promises that don’t come to fruition.

When building trust and engagement it’s easy to look for quick fixes to get staff on board. The truth is, in times of change successful HR isn’t about ‘Is it me or is it them?’. It’s all about developing the ‘we’, building a collective goal that the team works to achieve. It’s no longer about your personal ambitions, you need to get your employees to trust your vision and trust in their ability to help achieve it.

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