Does everyone in your business have a plan?

Here are our top 5 tips for reviewing performance in your teams

So according to some HR professionals, the annual appraisal has had its day.  “Thank heavens!” I hear you cry. Well, maybe …

Performance reviews, appraisals, career reviews or whatever you choose to call them are such an important part of managing people.  So here are our top tips on reviewing performance in your teams.

  1. Make it work for your business

As with all things HR, we don’t believe in off the shelf.  You must create HR processes and systems that work for your business.  A complex, corporate appraisal process is unlikely to work in a small and scrappy start up! Start with what you want to achieve in mind and work back from there.

  1. Don’t just have one review meeting a year

Now I am not all out for banning the annual appraisal – however – that comes with a big caveat.  If you are going to have an annual appraisal – i.e. one formal sit down a year – please make sure you are having regular one to one’s with your team members throughout the year, and go back to the objectives you have set regularly.  Things change, and business moves, so it’s important to keep coming back to those goals and amending where necessary.

  1. Make it mean something

Don’t just have reviews for having reviews sake. Think about what you want to achieve from a performance review process.  Do you want to drive high performance? Do you want to give people chance to progress and develop? Maybe you want to link to pay?

  1. The fortune is in the follow up

Don’t make the mistake of having a review and then forgetting to do anything you committed to.  This is when employees lose trust in the process and won’t buy into it.

  1. If you aren’t sure how to do it, get some training

As a business owner you may have never had a review, so how would you know how to do it properly? Don’t be afraid to hold your hand up and ask for help – it’s better to do this than balls up!